The Popz Story

James D. Watkins (Jim) Founded Popz on the belief that the success he had creating the microwave popcorn category in the U.S. market in the 1970’s could also be done on a global basis.  Jim sold his first microwave popcorn over 40 years ago with his first company (Gold Valley Microwave Foods).  He participated in the development of nearly every important innovation in the category, which helped microwave popcorn capture a significant share of the salty snack category in the U.S. market.  Jim and his Popz team continue building the Popz brand placing major emphasis on developing an outstanding product along with packaging and marketing innovations.

Today Popz microwave popcorn is sold and enjoyed in more than 38 countries worldwide, including USA, China, Japan and Europe.  Popz operates 5 production facilities and multiple sales offices throughout the world.   Popz produces private label popcorn for several domestic and International retailers, and our famous Popz Microwave Popcorn Tub is currently stocked on the shelves of more than 3500 Wal-Mart stores across the USA.

Jerry E. Cross Jr. President of Popz USA, LLC states quality is key to producing a great popcorn product that results in a great popcorn eating experience. By using a unique production technique and always using high quality ingredients ensures consistently fewer unpopped corn kernels and a positive experience that everyone will enjoy. 

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